Wild Turkeys

I was visiting my friend one town over at her homestead when a group of wild turkeys just made themselves at home and walked right past us, weaving around the a/c unit and wood pile, wandering through the swing set, under the upside down canoe, across the driveway and through the garden. They were all female turkeys. I was notified however that the turkeys they were calling to in the woods were probably the two tom turkeys that had been seen on prior days approaching the group from the woods. A call would come and the turkeys in the yard would answer, and then another distant call, and again the turkeys would answer. They didn’t seem bothered at all by our presence and even let my friend’s son chase them about the yard, letting him get within a foot of them before moving, probably more out of annoyance than fear.

I was so fascinated by the giant birds walking and gobbling about the yard that both friends i had gone to see sent me photographs they had taken of wild turkeys visiting the same yard earlier that month.

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