Cashew Weathers the Lightening Storm we got in the Evening

These first two videos are how Cashew is during a storm if i hold her but am not singing. she stops barking but thrashes around, breathes heavily, and shakes uncontrollably. The last video depicts how singing soothes her. If i rock her in the rocking chair, pat her, and sing to her, she is soothed a bit and stops shaking and thrashing for the most part. We got a whopper of a lightening storm in the evening and it was right above us, so it was noisy and violently bright. This was the best i could do for her but by golly if ever there was a dog that needed a thunder vest, i think it is her. This will be the first purchase i make when i graduate and get a job in the field. Priorities: pay mortgage, buy Cashew a thunder vest, everything else.

I do apologize to anyone who may have viewed this post before i had a chance to edit it. Cashew did a fair amount of thrashing around before she calmed down and it may have resulted in a wardrobe malfunction…this video has since been deleted.

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