A Karaoke Day for Cashew

We finally got the rain we needed. I’d say between 8:30 am and 3 pm it rained pretty consistently. And that meant Cashew lost her mind. It was lightening and thunder kind of rain. So for two hours straight Cashew barked and howled ceaselessly while she shook uncontrollably in her crate. We really need a thunder vest for her but at this time i don’t have the funds to get her one. I’ve put it on the holiday/birthday wishlist. She is basically traumatized because before i got the surge protector two different trees got struck by lightening next to the house and on two different occasions things plugged into the wall socket either exploded or caught fire. She thinks thunder is a life or death situation.

At 10 am i stuck Sili in Cashew’s crate thinking she would comfort her and calm her down. In Sili’s defense, this is exactly what she tried to do but Cashew was inconsolable. Very shortly i had to take Sili out of the crate because Cashew was consistently trampling her in her panic driven frenzied movement. She was turning in circles and basically running over her sister. I didn’t feel like holding her in a compression hug for six hours straight as the forecast predicted would be necessary, so we did something else instead. I let all the dogs loose in the house, blasted music, and we sung karaoke. I sang, Cashew howled, and both dogs twirled with me and jumped up and down in the kitchen. While it stormed outside we sung: for god is with us by for king and country, my way by frank sinatra, cows around by corb lund, It is well with my soul penned by horatio spafford and composed by philip paul bliss, every day is a winding road by sheryl crow, Jericho by andrew ripp, yellow submarine by the beatles, gypsies tramps and thieves by cher, closing time by dan wilson, God’s country by blake shelton, and 1952 vincent black lightening by richard thompson. My friend asked me if the dogs had a favorite. They did. It was hands down “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. I was pretty sure i had a good idea why. The tempo was slower than the other songs and i ran out of breath before the line was finished. It was also kind of out of my range. The noise i was making was more off-key howling than singing. Sinatra would not have been impressed. And so we commenced Karaoke day for poor Cashew who had lost her mind due to the weather.

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