Rain for 2 Days Straight

i have never in my life had this much rain water collected at once. I kid you not. It rained for 2 days straight non-stop. One storm system after another. It was so dark i never turned off the night light. My phone was constantly going off with flood alerts. All the creeks and rivers had jumped their banks. The low water crossings were rushing rapids. We were told to stay in our houses and not drive unless it was absolutely necessary for medical emergency or because the house was filling with water. My house was on pier and beam, meaning it was actually raised off the ground and not level with it. So the water did surround the house and the whole property became a standing 1 to 2 inch lake but it never came in…just went underneath the skirting and out the other side. The chicken pen flooded and made the most awful form of primarily chicken poo quick sand so that i managed to get them feed while sinking ankle deep in it and decided they could keep their eggs for the day before heading off to de-gunk my toes and shoes underneath the spigot. I was thrilled to have all the rain water in my possession. However, it was a little bit exhausting dealing with the flooding, the dog terrified of lightening, the leaking window, and the power outages during my online tutoring session. When it finally stopped raining i let the dogs out after being cooped up for two days.

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