The Dogs are Home

I’ve procrastinated on writing this post because i don’t know how. I haven’t the words. I’ve decided to keep this post short because otherwise it’ll never get written. I actually retrieved the dogs one day before the window unit was rendered functional. Upon installation it was discovered that an electrician was needed. Once again i was left standing in the middle of the mess one smidgeon away from making it functional. I realized i could no longer afford to keep boarding the dogs, placed a call to the vet, and drove to town to pick them up. I would like to say i kept myself composed and behaved like any respectable adult would but i did not. When the vet tech opened the car door and one by one each dog jumped in i lost it and bawled like a baby. I finished my sobbing while my uber traumatized dogs tried to become one with my clothing, jumping all over the steering wheel and sitting everywhere dogs couldn’t fit. The impressive thing was that when the tech opened the door Cashew jumped up on the seat, something she never does with her clumsy bow-legged self. She was so determined to go with us that she did it first try without any hesitation. I drove home in a weird state of shock and let the dogs see the big tree limbs i sawed off for them. neither dog was interested in the branches for the next week. All they wanted to do was be right by me. We spent a lot of time just chilling in the house and i assured them they were home for good. They sat right by me all the time and were both on their best behavior. Some piece of myself had returned. They are my companions and my babies. They are family. I was glad to have them home.

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