The day the window unit arrived i was frustrated because my teacher had only uploaded the first page of 8 in an editable form. The full 8 page document was read only but the assignment was to fill the documents out, which meant i had to print them. This involved going to another town. I drove one town over to use my friend’s printer but i couldn’t get it to print from either my computer or hers. So i got back in the car and drove to the city where i printed the documents at office max. They felt so bad that i had driven all that way to print one thing that they didn’t charge me the few cents i owed them. But God had other plans, for as i stood in line my phone chimed and i had a message from home depot that my window unit was ready for pickup…in town…where i was. What a happy accident. I went over to home depot and helped the employee load the unit in the suv. Then i texted my ac repair guy on the way home and he said he’d meet me there. The insurance guy called and wanted to come out a day early to look at the well, so i told him i’d meet him back at the property. He did come out and look at the damages and they agreed to cut a check for the amount of the repairs minus my deductible. The a/c repair guy showed up shortly afterwards and we both hoisted the unit out of my car and into the grass. I then held the unit in the window while he screwed it in place with the drill. After everything was installed i was a bit skeptical about whether we were done or not but he assured me that this was how it was supposed to be. I wondered why we had so many screws left over, why there were visible gaps between where the accordion plastic met the unit and hooked into it on the sides, and how water was going to not enter the house during rain when the accordion plastic was just sitting in the window tray completely exposed to the elements. I tried not to worry about it but logic told me we weren’t done. He said, “fire it up, give it a try.” I said, “i can’t,” and held up the extension cord plug with a sideways prong jutting out of it. He said, “Oh…you need an electrician.” I nodded. Just another day of life here on the homestead. -_-

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    1. Lol, honestly i ordered it while standing in the yard on the phone to home depot. I asked the home depot employee for a window unit that did both cool air and heat and she said they carried two. One only supported 350 sq ft and the other 400 sq ft. My one room house was 384 square feet so i asked her to order the 400 square foot one and that was the end of the conversation. I probably should have done more research and asked more questions before making a purchase but in the end one of my old coworkers’ husband was an electrician that did really solid work and had put in an outlet for me in the past and was able to come out the next day and put one in for me.

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