This is definitely a male orb weaver. I’m not entirely sure what kind but i’m hoping a male spotted orb weaver because the female spotted orb weaver is my favorite kind of spider and if he finds a girlfriend, hopefully there will be more. It was a sizable male specimen as the male spiders are usually much smaller and less impressive than the females. However, because this one was large enough to see all the detail, i found him quite impressive. He made his home on my front door. Unfortunately, every time i opened it all his hard work was disturbed and eventually he scurried off somewhere and i haven’t seen him since. However, the sighting of Merlin was so significant because i haven’t seen a single orb weaver all year during 2020. I was beginning to worry. Where were my little slender-legged buddies? I thought maybe the apocalypse had done the species in…it would be on theme with the rest of 2020. However, the sighting of this male orb weaver on the front door in late august meant that they were still out there somewhere. I hoped Merlin would go and find a girlfriend so i could see more little spotted orb weavers in 2021. They were truly magnificent spiders and watching them was better than any television show.

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