Mystery Eggs

One day i noticed these eggs hanging from the underside of the porch railing. The last eggs i discovered turned out to be praying mantis and brown widow eggs. I dispatched both of the batches of eggs. Praying mantises grow up and behead my humming birds and orb weavers in order to eat their brains. Brown widow spiders? Well, i’ve never met one but i have encountered black widow spiders and if those eggs were going to hatch into anything remotely like the black widow…they were not welcome where i found them. So, whenever i find eggs on the property i like to research them. If they are beneficial i will keep an eye on them and try to ward off predators until they hatch. If they are not, i kill them.

These eggs are now under the protection of our household as it turns out they are going to hatch into something very beneficial indeed. They belong to a critter called the “lacewing”. The little green bugs eat aphids. I have aphids and would welcome some natural help with that problem. So, the eggs remain undisturbed and growing on the underside of our porch railing.

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