The Lightening Bug Show

During the summer the insect activity around the porch light soared to unmatched levels. Every time i opened the door to let the dogs in or out insects came in. For the longest time i didn’t know what i had. I thought i just had random brown beetle-like things coming in the house, until one particularly active night when i turned the lights off to go to bed and suddenly saw them. There were fireflies in the house. They were flying all around the kitchen and the living room area and they would light up the room for a second one at a time; little magical specks of light in the sleepy dark of the house. It was wonderful. After that, each time i saw a little brown beetle like thing on the wall i knew we were in for a treat come bed time. I would turn off the lights and lay there in the blankets cuddled up to Sili in the mosquito netting tent and watch the fireflies blink on and off throughout the living room.

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