Guardians of the Plants

Every plant nursery i have ever been to has had a cat and i’ll tell you why. The plant nurseries sell bird seed in big giant bags. They also water the plants regularly. Even the plants themselves bear fruits and veggies little things wouldn’t mind to eat. This means there is a steady supply of food and water for all sorts of rodents that would like to make their home amongst the plants. The cat is there to kill the mice that customers don’t like to see. Go turn over some of the ceramic pots in the outdoor section and see if you don’t find mouse turds in amongst the spider webs. The cats serve their purpose and this is why the owners of the nurseries put up with the incessant peeing on walls and outdoor display shelves. If you’re walking by and you get a wiff of ammonia, that’s what it is. This cat in particular patrols a plant nursery up in Austin. I generally get along very well with plant nursery cats. They’re always well fed and napping and don’t seem to mind a good pet.

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