My Heart Halved

Sili was my soul. She was my heart. She was my dog; my everything. She was on my heel wherever i went. She was next to me in the car wherever i drove, and she always slept in the bed at night. Sili was very bonded to me. She paid close attention to me and wanted to be involved in anything i was doing. She would rather have an ear rub or an “atta-girl” any day over an actual treat. She was a very affectionate little dog and if she had missed me all day and i returned suddenly she would lay her head in my lap and press herself against my leg, sighing dramatically several times. I knew, if i brought another dog into our situation there would be less time for her. I had never had two dogs at once. I wasn’t even sure what it would look like to split my heart between two of them. I hoped there was enough of me to go around. I hoped that i could love another dog because in that moment, Sili had all of me and i couldn’t imagine anyone else occupying the depths of my heart.

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