The Comings and Goings of the Wildlife

Sili has never been one to eat poop so back when she was an only child i had a pretty good idea of what was on our property, where it was spending its time, and what it was eating. For instance, the fox scat always had berries and seeds in it. One fox in particular ate my tree seeds. Every time i saw a tree i liked i would collect its seeds and throw them out into the grass on the property where i wouldn’t mind having a tree. This ****** fox would eat them and poop them out wherever i would mind having one. Then it’d rain, the tree would grow, and i’d have to mow it down with the lawnmower. Eventually i got smart and just started moving the turds with a shovel back to the original spot i had the seeds in the first place. I still know when and where the foxes have been but if we are talking deer, road runner, racoon, possum, armadillo, skunk, coyote, or stray cat, i have to wait on the rain to identify tracks in the mud because sili’s eventual alpha sibling is a poo-eater and the only one that truly knows what’s been going on in the yard these days.

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