Tiny Glittering Jewels in the Night

My neighbor has long held a difference from me in that she prefers the bright LED light of a modern hands free headlamp attached to an elastic band on her forehead rather than the hand held lantern i have used for the past few years. I dont like LED lights. I find them blindingly bright. They hurt my face and therefore they are my enemy more than my friend. I also find the idea of wearing the light on my head a bit silly. What am i meant to be, one of those spotlight things broadcast way into the dark in order to advertise the opening of a new mall or movie theater? Wow, i just dated myself there…. Do we even still have those?

Facing the possibility of future lifting precautions, i am having to figure out hands free methods of doing things that once required the retrieval and carting around of bulky weight-laden objects. So, i bought one of those fancy new-age tech gadgets on a headband and off i went to test out a phenomenon my neighbor had described on occasion when she was trying to convince me to buy one. She said that when you wore the headlamp and pointed it at the grass, the light would be reflected by all the wolf spiders’ eyes and it would appear as if the field were full of beautiful tiny glittering jewels.

Spider eyes reflecting light

So i waited for darkness to fall and then headed out to the field with fresh batteries and this ridiculous contraption on my head emitting the brightest tractor beam you’ve ever seen come out of a headband. to my surprise and delight, she was right. There were thousands of tiny bright lights glittering in the darkness. I also found a rabbit, a cricket, and a scorpion, but that’s beside the point. The light reflects off the eyes of the wolf spiders in the grass and it looks like the field is shimmering with twinkling little lights. What a cool phenomenon! This light was actually pretty easy to see by and it certainly comes with a neat perk. Who doesn’t want a field full of glittering jewels?

Scorpion making a get away

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  1. I, too, get to see wolf spiders’ shining eyes when taking our dog on his pre-bedtime poop walk…a field of jewels….. 🙂

    My headlamp can be dimmed and will go from very bright to very dim In the summer, when I need to watch for snakes, I have it set for moderately bright. In the winter, when snakes aren’t a concern, I have it set to its dimmest setting and I have to let my eyes get dark adapted before it’s of much use.

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