Boba the Bat

Last week i noticed that every time i did the evening chores, right around sundown a certain squeaking noise would become evident around and about my head area. When i looked up there was nothing out of the ordinary to witness but i knew the click and squeaking noises to be those of a bat. I had encountered many bats during my time living in texas. Obviously there are injured or diseased bats just like there are injured or diseased humans, but unless i see evidence of injury or disease, i operate on the assumption that the little critters are healthy and treat them as admired acquaintances with a common goal; insect reduction. Bats are actually quite efficient at catching and eating insects. You would be lucky to have a couple frequent your yard nightly. Anyways, since the river dried up all sorts of animals have been relocating to new places. Ive seen poisonous frogs on the property for the first time and now a bat. I’ve had the privilege of getting an up close look at some sleeping hanging bats in the past when i lived in the apartments and it has never ceased to be entertaining to watch them fly around in diving and swooping flapping circles to click and squeak and eat bugs. I really wanted this bat to continue frequenting the property at nightfall. So i spoke to the bat. I told it i knew it was there and it was welcome to come back and bring friends and eat all the insects it could find, as long as it didnt eat the orb weavers because i really enjoyed having those around too.

Two nights ago i finally got my first good look at the bat. The sun was setting but the sky was still painted with darkening colors of orange and purple. Against this backdrop i saw a little black silhouette flap flap flapping away as it swooped and rose in these lopsided diagonal oval patterns. It was clicking and squeaking away in the way that bats do. I was absolutely thrilled to see it. it stayed in the yard a long while. I had plenty of time to observe it at work gathering insects. I wasnt sure whether it was a male or female bat, so naming it was a bit tough. I had to think of an androgynous name in case i guessed the gender wrong. After a while i just decided to name it Boba after the little tapioca pearls…Boba the bat. Last night Boba returned at sundown, right on cue. I told Boba that he or she was welcome to come back again and bring friends if he/she wanted to. Tonight there are at least two, perhaps three bats flying about the yard amidst the flashes of lightening visible from the adjacent pop up storm that will pass us entirely. Boba the bat listened and brought friends this time. I was ecstatic to see and hear bats flying about the yard on the property. Less enthusiastic to find yet another poisonous frog. Its only a matter of time before Cashew decides to find out the hard way how poisonous…Lord protect her from herself and her ill advised thoughts.

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