Planning a Surprise Party for Two Very Special Doggos at the Nursing Home

There are many dogs between the four buildings i work at that belong to staff members and come to work regularly to see the patients. However, there is a male blue heeler that might as well be the company mascot. He plays fetch with the patients in the courtyard, drinks from his special water bottle with a built in bowl, and snuggles the bed bound patients who would like to pet him but cant make it out. He has a twin sister from the same litter that stays at the house while he comes to work with his mum. Well the other day she had a vet visit in the city so she came to work instead of him in an adorable jumper and EVERYONE fell in love with this dog’s twin sister. She was a licker and she just wanted to be cuddled more than anything in the world. When it came up that both siblings were having a birthday next week people began planning a party. There will be doggo cookies, doggo ice cream, and possibly bacon. The nursing home is in preparation mode. It should be a day to remember for all involved.

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  1. We take our dog when we visit my mother-in-law at “her” assisted living facility. Everyone there loves him and he (the dog) loves all the attention.

    1. There are two things that change the elders’ world like nothing else, dogs and music. I see these people gripped firmly by the cruel claws of dementia come smiling back to us, a piece of their old selves. They always remember what to do with a dog whether it be throw the ball or pat their heads, they know what to do with a dog, and there is no joy like the joy visible in their eyes when that dog licks them or snuggles them or turns to ask for more pets. I love it when family members bring dogs. The nursing home residents get so much out of it. Today a family came for their weekly visit and they brought their yorkie as they always do. They sat the yorkie on the couch in the lobby and anyone and everyone came in to pet her. She was loving all the attention. The staff got so much stress relief. The patients had a ball doting on her. It was amazing. They dont have to share their dog. They could go to their mom’s room to visit, but they always visit in the front lobby so all can pet the yorkie. And it is the best.

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