104 * F

For the past couple of days it has been extremely hazy. The air has been especially thick and humid. It is hard to see past 100 ft and everything looks as if it is concealed in gray fog. I suspect we are being visited by some of the smoke from the wildfires in Canada that are turning daylight into night time in new york and new jersey right now. The daily high temperatures have been 100+ and visibility has been notably poor. My coworker says we are suffocating under a low pressure system that is parked over us. Parked is the right word. No wind. No relief. No visibility. Nothing is changing. There’s only relentless heat and haze and the constant buzzing of unbothered insects.

Today is the kind of day that requires a stop at the dollar general on the way home to pick up popsicles and a bag of ice. You dump the ice in all the water dispensing apparatuses in the chicken pen so that it will actually be cool enough to drink or stand in. Then you briefly let the dogs outside for a bathroom break, take them back in the house, strip down to your birthday suit, grab a popsicle, and stand in front of the window unit on full blast a/c super grateful for the fact that your nearest neighbors are acres away and you dont have any roommates. Today is not a “do stuff” kind of day. Today is a “make it to nightfall” kind of day.

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