The Scorpions are Back

I was wondering when we were going to transition from not seeing any scorpions to seeing them all the time. They begin appearing outside in march or april but as to when they start coming out of the woodwork in the house, its usually late spring or early summer. This year we made it until June 15th. Now in the past 2 days i have had to kill 4 good sized scorpions. One was on the wall just beneath the bath towel. That one was probably the biggest one. You better believe i look that thing over before using it, lol. The other three were underneath my rocking chair, all running in the same direction, towards the kitchen. I bet you can guess where i am not sitting right now. For whatever reason, beneath my rocking chair is this year’s scorpion congregation area. I just woke up for my 2 am meds and walked past the rocking chair and sure enough, a big old scorpion was squaring up with its pinchers and stinger lifted, right underneath the chair. So i went and got that chicken coop door and smashed him so he could join the others in scorpion heaven. Luckily that metal door has been in the house. I havent been putting it on at night. With the Canadian wildfire smoke in the air and 100+ degree temperatures, the chickens were coming out to drink water at night, so i decided not to cut them off from their water dispenser because the one night i did they were all stressed and panting. Instead im just relying on the metal panels and buried fencing around the coop to keep them safe.

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