Year of the Spiders

Something amazing has happened! One day the entire porch was covered with microscopic orb weavers making webs. They were male and female and all the same size. There’s only one explanation for why so many identically sized orb weavers of both genders would be cohabitating in mass quantity like this. They are siblings! An egg sac has hatched! They all resemble my spider friend from last year, Mazikeen! Well they set to webbing up the porch pretty thoroughly and i realized to my absolute glee i was now running a spider nursery! There was one medium sized orange orb weaver and 1 large orb weaver that also resembled Mazikeen but wasnt (she died last year). The rest of them were tiny babies. They were so little it was hard to get the camera to focus on them but ive tried my best to capture a few.

Smaller Version of Mazikeen
Male Orb Weaver

I think there are many more kinds than i realize here but they are so little at this point its hard for me to see. As they grow older i think the different varieties of orb weaver present will become apparent.


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