Full Moon

A full moon was something ominous back when i worked in a psych ward. None of the patients’ medications seemed to work on a full moon. The veterans hallucinated enemy soldiers and re-employed all their combat training, including how to strangle an individual from behind with a phone cord. The schizophrenics had a tendency to climb walls and curtains during a full moon. There would be a fair amount of feces smearing, writing in blood…the guy that thought he was Jesus would fashion a shiv and try once again to make holes all the way through his ankles and palms while lying on the floor. Many patients would strip off all their clothes and run naked through the halls. A full moon was a lethal sort of thing when working in the psych ward.

Ive been working in regular geriatrics for years now and a full moon is no longer a dreaded omen of chaos to come. Instead it is now a coveted night light. It is so bright that i can see perfectly to get all the evening chores done in the dark. A full moon really is a thing of beauty out here, when it is not obstructed by cloud cover.

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