Trimming a New Carport

When i first moved onto the property i began using a cluster of oak trees above a mulch pile as my designated carport to protect against hail during storms. However, 5 of 8 of those trees have died. They succumbed to oak wilt, became extremely dry, and split lengthwise down the middle of each tree. They are no longer structurally sound and they lack the leaf cover im looking for in a “carport”.

After taking note of some of the pop up storms that had erupted into existence during the latter half of May and the beginning of June, i decided it was probably best to take the clippers to the lower branches of another tree and make a new carport. Knowing that all the oaks were infected and in some stage of dying, i chose a cedar tree as the new carport. I trimmed the lower branches of the cedar holding the laundry line behind the chicken pen. Then i pulled the car under the remaining branches for cover. 4 hours later it hailed. Just in time.

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