No more Tomatoes for me

After my first time having Covid in march of 2020 i developed rheumatoid arthritis in every joint. There was a stretch of time this year in which i didnt buy tomatoes. I just wasnt craving them at all. my arthritis seemed 90 percent better than it had been but i didnt connect the dots as to why until i began getting a prepacked box of assorted veggies at the red barn produce company. It was mostly tomatoes. My pain was 1000 times worse. I couldnt sleep. It hurt to exist. Life was miserable and nothing helped. I finally connected the dots and stopped eating tomatoes again. The pain lessened dramatically. Vegetables like mushrooms, cauliflower, and asparagus seem to add to the pain as well but on a much more minuscule scale. With my diet as limited as it already is i cant afford to be cutting out all these vegetables so i cut out tomatoes. Raw tomatoes, cooked tomatoes, tomato sauce, catsup. It all had the same effect and it all had to go. As it turns out, tomatoes can greatly increase uric acid production and for some reason or another, this quadruples my joint pain. So, thank Covid for nixing tomatoes for the rest of my life. I threw the catsup out. I gave my tomato plants to my boss to take home and put in his wife’s garden. They can still eat tomatoes and they are well nurtured plants. They will provide plenty of fruit for them.

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