A Season of Puppies

I believe that my dogs’ unfortunate contraction of distemper had an unexpected helpful side effect. The dirt in the dog run and surfaces in the house are now contaminated and will be for the next year. We could not have another dog here if we wanted to. This is good because, im living in a season of puppies this year. Everyone’s dog and their cousin’s dog has had puppies. There is a sign by the road on the way from fredericksburg to comfort advertising german shepherd puppies. They are selling long haired chihuahuas in the grocery store parking lot in kerrville. One of the patients’ children was selling long haired dachshund puppies, the hair dresser was trying to rehome a litter of yorkie puppies, the speech therapist had a litter of mini australian shepherds, and the physical therapist’s daughter had 2 litters which totaled to 20 puppies that were a mix of pitbull and burmese mountain dog. Out here its a less common thing to spay and neuter dogs than in the city because people do breed and sell puppies around here. Usually people will deal with a few litters and then have the animals fixed because its a lot of work. However, its not unusual to find yourself surrounded by options out here if you’re looking for a dog. I’ve just never known so many people with so many litters at the same time. The chances of sili and cashew not having a sibling had our property not been contaminated this year would have been zero for the simple fact that the person with 20 puppies was overwhelmed feeding 22 dogs and unable to rehome them. They were planning to bring them to the pound. The pound was planning to euthanize all 20 puppies due to the fact that they were part pitbull and resembled that parent, resembling the burmese mountain dog only in size. The last time i checked there were 12 puppies left at that household. 8 had been rehomed for the simple fact that people were uncomfortable with these dogs being snuffed out before they were out of puppyhood for something they had no control over. People are not clamoring for giant mixed breed pits around here. If not for contamination, we would have one, and yes, they are growing at alarming rates and will be the size of a small pony when finished. It would not fit well in the tiny house. Maybe God knew i would need a deterrent to bringing home more baby animals this year.

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