A 1 AM Conversation with my Australian Shepherd

In actuality it is very difficult to put my aussie in the bed without having her destroy our mosquito net tent. She is very active, has a bull in a china shop vibe, and no concept of pain or personal space. However, it kills her soul to be away from her pack and sometimes i take pity on her and let her sleep with us for a few hours until i cant stand all the squirming and sitting on everybody and then she goes back to her crate so sili and i can get some rest. She did manage to stay with us until about 2:30 am this particular morning. Having an aussie is not easy and you shouldn’t seek this breed of dog if you’re not prepared to deal with hyperactivity and a constant need for direction. However, she is exactly what the homestead needed to function. She is a great and eager worker. Her many jobs on the homestead have earned her the right to drive us nuts for a bit in the wee hours of the morning. She may smoosh everybody and dash all hope of sleep but she does it out of love and in actuality she is so excited to be with her pack, its hard to stay mad at her.

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