the Magnificent Progression of Surprise Weather

I arrived home one day to find this cloud formation sitting directly on top of my property. There were no other clouds, just this rather impressive blob sitting atop my house dropping sheets of rain on the yard. Because it was near sundown the thing soon caught all sorts of pink and orange light which it reflected all over the yard. I found this to be quite beautiful but i was mostly fascinated with the loose consistency of the fluff. The clouds seemed to bleed into the ground; just pull apart like cotton candy and tumble. They let go of these curtains of rain that would drape over the yard and obscure the view as if they were drawn over a window. I tried desperately to capture the beauty of the thing but i couldn’t fit any of it in the frame. It was directly on top of us and so all i could capture were textured snippets of fluff illuminated by the setting sun.

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