My New Year’s Resolution

Every year i make a resolution to be more organized, get more done, establish a daily routine and stick to it, or work out every day. I make all these plans and then by week 2 of the new year i’ve ceased doing any of it. This year i decided to make a resolution that didn’t hinge upon me doing something every day at the same time of day…to lessen the chance of failure. I decided to spend more time noticing the little things…the way the wind sounds, the colors on a butterfly’s wings, the noise a cardinal’s wings make when they flap. It sounds benign but i was missing all these things when i was so focused on not failing my classes last semester. Whole seasons flew by and i noticed none of it. I missed all the reasons i moved here, the reasons i wanted a piece of land. Its easy to say “later” and then find yourself at the end of your life wondering where later went. One must learn to notice what is happening in the now. This is the only life we get so it seems we should stop and notice butterflies and sunsets along the way.

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