A Christmas Present from Great Grandma

My favorite Christmas present from my grandmother was that she individually wrapped and labeled a present for each of my dogs. There was one for Sili and one for Cashew. She had gifted them canned sardines. Few will understand the significance of this so i will try to explain it. My grandmother used to send me canned fish while i was in college to make sure i was getting my calcium. She would send packages of canned fish and garlic powder to go on top. I knew my grandma loved me because she sent me packages of canned fish because she was worried about my bones. My grandma had gifted my dogs canned fish and it just felt like my family loved my dogs as well and was looking out for the calcium in their bones, and so it was my favorite gift. I divided the fish in one of the tins between both bowls as a topping for their dog food and the dogs had a fantastic breakfast. They loved the sardines! I let the chickens pick through the remaining juice at the bits of skin and bone. Everybody was happy and well fed.

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