Ellis and Oakley reach Puberty

One day i noticed something tiny and round lying in the shavings in the stock tank. Upon further inspection, it was an egg. It could only have come from one of the two juvenile chickens, Ellis or Oakley. Yet, they weren’t supposed to be of laying age for another month. Well, the following day, there was another tiny little egg. One of the baby chickens was laying. I speculated that it might be Oakley as she was a tad bigger than Ellis when i got them as chicks. Maybe she was older? the medium brown tiny eggs continued to appear. I decided it was time to switch them to adult feed because the chicken who was laying was likely taking the calcium from her own bones to make the eggs. She needed the adult feed with calcium now. I had been taking them outside and setting them in the chicken tractor right next to the adult chickens for hours at a time but they had never been in the pen. I decided there was nothing to do but try it. So i took the juvenile chickens one at a time and placed them in the pen. It did not go as i would have expected. It was Ellis who ended up having the trouble assimilating, not Oakley. I could explain it but the video does a better job. I will save that for the next post. Three weeks later, tiny cream colored eggs began showing up in the dirt. Ellis laid cream colored eggs and Oakley medium brown. It would take a while for the eggs to reach the size of their older sisters’ as the size of the egg is dictated by the size of the chicken, but over time they would catch up.

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