Toads that live Dangerously

Since day 1 of the chicken pen’s existence, i’ve always found toads sitting in the water dispenser. At times i find tadpoles swimming around in there, which the chickens go fishing for. These guys take over the water dispenser and just chill in there overnight. I keep telling them that’s a lethal idea. I keep scooping them up and herding them out of the pen. The next evening there’s more. They think this is a pond. The smart ones are gone by dawn. However, those that are not savvy are still there when the sun comes up and the chickens rise. This happened on one such day and i heard a commotion amongst the chickens. I looked over in time to see Daisy grab a whole toad in her beak and take off running. All the other chickens were chasing her, trying to steal her prize. So, Daisy beat the toad about the head by smashing it on a rock, reared her head back, threw it up in the air and opened her beak, gulping twice to swallow the whole thing down her throat. She had a bit of trouble getting the legs down but she managed. The toad was no more. She had swallowed him whole. So, the toads go swimming and muck up the chicken water and the chickens put toad and tadpoles on the menu. Survival of the smartest i guess; only the intelligent toads will survive to create the next generation.

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