Moonlight Musings

I don’t need a calendar to tell me the season is shifting. I feel winter’s approach rather than read about it. A beautiful moon rose tonight. I’ve been opening and closing and opening again at work. It means i don’t sleep and i do a lot of the chores in the dark. But i can see where i’m going right now, even without the lantern, because of where we are in the moon cycle. The yard is illuminated by moonlight and it is immensely helpful in getting the chores done. The air is cooler at night and in the mornings. It is getting chilly. It is almost time to switch the winter clothes to the house and the summer clothes to the shed. I’ve harvested the sumac and am waiting for it to dry out so i can grind it into powder for this year’s haul of the spice. Most of it is already promised to those i owe favors to for kindnesses extended earlier in the year.

The ants tell me where the water is. The moon tells me what’s in the yard. The sun tells me when it’s time to get up. The horizon tells me what weather is on the way. The weather tells me when the seasons change. The dog tells me when i’m ill and how severe it will be. if she curls up against you and sticks very close for a prolonged period of time, a doozy is coming.

I live in a place where papers and gadgets dont tell me how things are going to be…nature does. This is the only place i feel comfortable. This is the only existence in which i can breathe. I want always to live in a place where nature tells me how things are going to be.

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