Summer Heat

It was 9:20 in the morning. The thermometer already read 98 degrees. I let the dogs out for about an hour. They spent most of the time in the shade of the cedar trees in the dog run. They drank a fair amount of water. An hour later i decided they had been given enough time to potty and brought them inside. They were panting heavily. They each drank water and then dripped it all over the floor, too busy panting to worry about keeping it in their mouths. I explained to them that they would be spending the day indoors due to the weather. Neither of them seemed to mind. They stretched out on the floor and panted some more. The window unit was a blessing. It didn’t limp along like our previous system had. It roared to life every few minutes and cooled the house effectively regardless of what was going on outside. That meant i could use the stove even though it was the middle of the day. I cooked food for the week and hid indoors save for a trip to feed the chickens melon rinds and seeds and strawberry tops. The dogs regained their strength once cool and began to wrestle on the floor of the tiny house. I didn’t have a problem with it as long as they didn’t break anything. Sili did her best to steer Cashew away from all the furniture, trying to remain in the center of the room. Cashew was her usual rowdy bull in a china shop self. They didn’t break anything but that’s mostly due to the fact that Sili lost every match as she was more focused on herding Cashew to the center of the room than winning. I opened the coconut i had bought during the grocery trip and poured the liquid into a cup. I would make the coconut noodles another day but the weather was so hot and dry it felt like the sun started to bake my skin the moment i stepped off the porch. I thought an ice cold cup of coconut water would be so good on this particular day. It was.

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