This red wasp had come in through the hole i had made for the bees to enter and exit the mosquito net tent. It had been in the tent for about three days when i noticed it wasn’t present anymore. I scanned the mesh walls looking for it when i realized the wolf spider that usually hung out in the corner next to the pumpkin plants was holding something. He was sitting on a squash leaf, having run down his prey, caught it, and paralyzed it, he now stood over it, poised to consume his meal. Ultimately, my presence disturbed him and he abandoned the meal only to return to haul it away once i had climbed on the other side of the tent. I lamented that i had missed the chase. Watching a wolf spider hunt was a pretty good treat when you could get it. They stalked their prey like lions and then ran it down, pouncing on it to subdue the struggling insect. I decided this spider needed a name. I settled on Artemis. Artemis the wolf spider lived in the mosquito net tent and hunted whatever bugs got stuck in there and couldn’t remember the way out.

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