New Yogurt Flavors

Originally i used a bag of frozen strawberries from walmart to make the non-dairy yogurt cups i enjoyed with breakfast. However, after i stopped going to the grocery store i relied on whatever fruit i received in my fedex box to dictate the weekly flavor of the “yogurt” cups.


Apple was the most common flavor as i usually received 6 apples a week in my fedex box. It was the fruit i usually had on hand.

Apple – Strawberry

One week i ran out of the frozen strawberries so i combined apple and strawberry pieces to make it so that there were five pieces of fruit in the bottom of each jar.


One week i received two mangos in my fedex box of weekly produce and i was so excited to make mango flavored yogurt!


I had every intention of taking the orange pieces out of the dividers in a large enough quantity to put five pieces in the bottom of all seven jars one week. After realizing how much work it was i did one jar of orange yogurt and filled the rest with apple.

Apple cinnamon
The plum yogurt came out really good!
Fresh Organic Strawberries
Courtesy of Fedex

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