A Day of Repairs

I made contact with the guy who had installed the electric fence. He ordered me the replacement parts i needed and said he would provide easy instructions over the phone about how to wire it into the wall when it arrived.

The electrician came right out. He fit me in even though he was all booked up. It was a two person crew; the husband and father of one of my colleagues and they always gave amazing service at a fair price. Together they restored power to the back of the house and installed a surge protector on the utility pole outside. They told me that as long as both green lights were on it was working. During the approach of every storm after that i would stand out on the porch and look in the direction of the pole, making sure both green lights were going strong. If ever they weren’t, i intended to begin unplugging fences and appliances before the storm arrived.

While the electrician was present he pointed out to me that my air conditioner pipes were freezing over with ice. I placed a call to the a/c repair man and he was able to come out that day. He added more coolant and the thing stopped icing over. It started sounding like an airplane when running. I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad thing but as long as it was running i wasn’t going to tinker with it.

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