The Frost Protector

In Johnson city my mother had handed me a bag of japanese yams and a frost protector for the windshield of my car. That night it had frozen but tired from the day’s activities, i had forgotten i’d had it in the car and missed an opportunity to try it out. Two days later i got another chance. The morning temperature was set for 29. As the sun set i fumbled around in the dark trying to figure out which way was up and which way was down and where the straps were supposed to clip onto. I finally settled on closing the straps in the car doors. Weights in the sides of the black windshield cover prevented the wind from lifting it from where it lay. Satisfied that i had secured it in place on the windshield i headed inside to go to bed.

The following morning i got up and went about my routine. When it came time to defrost the car i suddenly remembered about the cover. It was coated in ice! It was absolutely stunningly beautiful! All of the ice was on the outside of the windshield protector and there was not a single crystal on the glass. I opened the car doors and let the cover slide down, folding it and tucking it into the trunk. I was ready to drive to work. I thought, “this must be what people with garages feel like!” I was living large. No more scraping for me. What an awesome tool for the homestead!

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