Sitting out the Christmas Sales

In december the tractor supply store had a big christmas sale. Chicken coops were each 200 to 400 dollars off regular price. Many other items were 20 percent off. If i was going to buy a chicken coop and supplies for raising chicks and then accommodating chickens, December would be the time to do it. Whether i wanted chicks in the spring or when they had them again in the fall, december was the time to buy the supplies and coop, while everything was at a good low price. If you weren’t careful, you could easily spend $2,000 getting ready for chickens. I checked the website that sold the greenhouse i was keeping an eye on. It was also on sale for $200 less than regular price. I sat on my hands. As difficult as it was to let the days of the Christmas sale tick by without making any purchases, i would have to. With all the turbulence and changes going on in my career field, it would be unwise to add new mouths to feed and new structures to maintain at this time. One day i hoped to be rearing chickens, tomatoes, rhubarb, and okra. At the moment i was rearing dogs. For the next year at least it would have to stay that way. One day we would make full use of the land. Now was not the time. I sat with the dogs on the floor at night when i looked at the sale items on my phone. When i began to mourn the items i couldn’t purchase at sale price i would look down at the precious fur babies in my lap and remember how lucky i was in that moment to have what i had, whether or not i ever got to add anything.

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  1. My mom had a saying about buying unnecessary things “on sale”, even when it wasn’t affordable…”Going broke saving money”….

    That saying always stuck with me.

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