The Menacing Windshield Wiper

Every once in a while i would load the dogs in the car and take them to the vet to get their nails clipped. They both had very dark nails so it was impossible to see where the blood supply to the nail ended. I preferred to let the vet have a go at it. It was an absolute disaster because my dogs were used to being free range on the land and then i would put them both on short leashes and try to make them walk towards the building in an unhysterical manner while Sili tried to poop everywhere (claiming new territory) and Cashew attempted to play in traffic on the busy highway directly next to our veterinary office. By the time we’d left the facility half the waiting room would want me committed for yelling profanities at my dogs and the other half for not training them properly. Oh it was a colossal disaster every time, rest assured, but that is not what i began this post to speak about. There were water droplets on the trunk window so i ran the wiper to get them off so i could see out of it. The dogs road in the trunk of the suv on towels whenever we went somewhere. Immediately Cashew began defending the car from the windshield wiper which she did not realize was part of the car. She thought we were being attacked by something pressing itself against the back window and scraping back and forth, back and forth. I sat in the drive and ran the back window wiper until she became desensitized to it of course, so that she didn’t view the wiper as a threat any time we went somewhere in a rain storm. However, the first and last video footage of her defending against the attack of the windshield wiper was hilarious while it lasted.

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