Cashew and the Rocking Chair

Every time i sat in the rocking chair Cashew tried to worm her way into my lap.  Finally, one day i obliged her.  I thought she would hate it and want down immediately.  To my surprise she laid very still and nuzzled her head into my chest.  So it became part of the evening routine.  Sili hated being in the rocking chair.  She liked to have all four paws on the ground at all times.  So the rocking chair became Cashew’s time with me.  ​it was okay though because Sili had her time as well.  Cashew could not be trusted inside a delicate mosquito net tent.  So, Sili was the only dog that got to sleep next to me.  She would press her forehead and paws into my back and sigh, then drift peacefully to sleep.  Every day i would come home, do chores, feed them, keep them inside to digest their food for a bit, let them out to run and play, bring them in, place Cashew on my lap in the rocking chair, and place Sili in the bed next to me to go to sleep.  Hopefully, everyone was good and wound down by the time the lights were turned off.  

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