Unexpected Luxury

When you decide to homestead, you have to give up or let go of a lot of 21st century luxuries most have become accustomed to. For example; dish washers, dryers, hot water, central air, toilets without a composting feature or a septic odor, and high speed internet. There is however, one unexpected luxury to be found on the homestead, and that is heated toilet paper. When i bought the property, there was no toilet paper roll in the bathroom. I didn’t think much of it because i had bigger fish to worry about like the absence of shower walls or a curtain rod. However, eventually i had to designate a place to put the toilet paper. There was a window in the bathroom so naturally i chose the window sill behind the curtain as the place to store the toilet paper. On sunny days the sun would hit the toilet paper and heat it. On cloudy days it was just plain old toilet paper but on sunny days nature provided one small luxury in an otherwise harsh environment. It wasn’t a bad perk in the winter.

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