Going to Visit the Cowboy

Whenever the girls have to go to the vet i always text my former neighbor to see if he’s in town. Both the girls love him and i consider him a good friend. I enjoy watching their tails wag and their faces light up when they realize they’re going to see their buddy.

On this particular day they had a vet visit and i had promised them they could see their buddy at the apartments afterwards. We didn’t actually end up getting to visit him. The day we were supposed to stop by some bulls got out on one of the ranches he worked at and he had to go try to wrangle them out of the neighbor’s yard. However, both dogs recognized the parking lot we were sitting in immediately and knew who we were going to see. They were so excited standing in the trunk of the suv. I could hear their little tails hitting the door from all the wagging. It was a really good feeling to know that i had friends in life who were good to my dogs.

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