The Bougainvillea

By the time i made it to the nursery to look for hanging plants it was July. There were not many things left that were considered in season. Spring was the time to buy hanging plants. The only thing left was white bougainvillea or red bougainvillea. There was plenty of white. Nobody wanted white; they all wanted the colorful plants to decorate their yard. There was one burgundy red and one maroon bougainvillea in a hanging pot in the entire nursery. I bought them both. I wanted the red against the sage green house. I wanted a little pop of color. I wanted to make it feel homey. I hated bougainvillea. I found it to be thorny and sharp. Its petals weren’t soft and round like so many plants i loved, but, as the season wore on the bougainvillea grew on me. It was a very hardy plant and it blossomed constantly without any fertilizer. The hummingbirds loved it and would visit its flowers. Honestly, i don’t dislike it anymore. Anything that can survive a texas summer without much care from me has got my respect.

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