A Pomegranate Tree

I was visiting family in the city. We had driven to a plant nursery to purchase peat and sand. While we were there i had a look around. They were selling tiny pomegranate trees, and i do mean tiny, for 11 dollars. That was all i needed to hear. I wasn’t sure what would survive and what would die but if it was fruit bearing, healthy, and a good price, it was coming back with me. Just like i had for the others i dug a hole for the pomegranate tree. This one was harder work. The grass had grown up in the area and i had to cut through the tall grass with the shovel before i could even get to the soil and rock. I dug a hole, placed the pomegranate tree in it, and cut a piece of fencing to bend around it. Then i hammered rebar into place to hold the fencing to the ground around the little tree. Suddenly i had a pomegranate tree. It was very little but full of hope and promise. I prayed it would survive the winter.

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