I sweat a lot. I always have. I think part of whats behind that is my inability to play well with others during home life renders me doing things that the instruction sheet specifically states require 4 to 6 for assembly. When you take on a lot of physical tasks you are going to sweat. Its how your body regulates temperature when you are active. Then of course there’s my anxiety which probably contributes. I also am lifting people at work as a five foot 106 lb person. That means im working harder than someone who is 6 ft and 170 lbs to get the same job done. Theres nothing wrong with sweating a lot in my book, as long as you dont stink. I have used sport deodorant for as long as i can remember. Up until last year, they did make natural sport deodorant. I mean, they still make it; they just completely changed the formula and removed the 24 hour coverage guarantee from the label. Why they did this is beyond me. They ruined their product. They had to take the guarantee off the label because it was no longer effective. They just essentially threw rose oil at an odor and when it didnt stop the problem they said “rather than return to a formula we know works lets change the packaging, remove the guarantee, and just continue to sell a product that doesnt work. So i began looking for products that were aluminum free and had some sort of 24 hour guarantee. I wanted a strong deodorant. I wanted one i didnt have to baby and fuss with. I wanted to know, once it was on, that i was good and could go full force into life without worrying about whether i still smelled fresh or not. I tried a rather popular new deodorant in all the commercials these days that sported a 72 hour guarantee. It was highly expensive but i was told this was because you only need a tiny amount and it will last 3 days. I tried it and found this information to be false. I needed a much larger amount than was advertised and it lasted for 24 hours, not 72, at which point the price seemed a bit outrageous for what i was getting. I brought this up to their customer service team on their website in the form of an email. I never received a response addressing my concerns. Instead, i received several promotional emails telling me how i could capitalize on great upcoming deals. Nobody wanted to address the concerns i had brought up and they continued to run the commercials advertising what i feel to be false information regarding their product. So, i sought an alternative that would allow me to stop giving them my money, because their product did work for 24 hours and i was financially tethered to them until i found a compatible alternative.

Consider that alternative found. Schmidt’s uses tapioca starch rather than corn starch. It keeps me dry without causing an allergic reaction (im so highly allergic to corn that i break out in itchy chemical-burn looking patches or hives depending on whether it touches my skin as a wet paste or a dry powder). The scents are amazing. My favorite by far is the cactus flower and pear. It is not quite fruity enough to be fruity, not quite floral enough to be floral, and not quite fresh enough to be laundry-ish….it is some perfect combination of all three that just smells to die for. I get told all the time that i smell really good, either because of the 8 dollar natural grocery store essential oil egyptian goddess perfume or because of the cactus flower pear deodorant. I sweat like a pig on the homestead before i come in to work and you’d never know because the tapioca starch keeps me dry and the scent is still super fresh without a hint of onion for 24 guaranteed hours no matter what. They also have a cucumber scent that lasts 48 hours. I have tested this. No lies. It lasts 48 whole hours no matter what i do. I’d rather smell like the cactus flower pear scent and i shower daily anyways so i buy the 24 hour one but at times if i want to skip a shower over the weekend, i use the cucumber stick and get away with it no problem.

Basically, i just appreciate a company who makes sure there’s truth behind the marketing before they put it on shelves. All i ask for in a company whose product im gonna buy is that you mean what you say and say what you mean.

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