Trying Bison

I absolutely loved deer meat. After i added that to my diet i made a list of other things to try that my body hadnt ever had before so maybe it wouldnt reject it. One of the things on the list was bison and they sold it at the heb so i didnt even have to order it. Unfortunately, it only came ground. I couldnt cook it just a bit on each side like i did the venison. I was pretty sure it was going to taste different fully cooked rather than rare.

Then i realized the word “ground” was subjective. The meat was stringy and connected together with long strands. The fat was in the form of small hard bits that became like plastic and didnt melt at all.

No matter how much vegan butter i added, it never became one with the meat. It didnt even take on any of the flavor. The bison meat and the vegan butter remained separate and adjacent in the pan.

The end result was a dry rubbery substance that i couldnt really get onto a fork or spoon because it was still connected to all the other meat in the pan. I think its very possible i just dont know what im doing with this particular food and also very possible that ground anything is not what im looking for, but texture and flavor wise, Bison was a hard no for me.

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