I grew up in Texas. I spent most of my life in this environment and i was used to the cycle of drought. 3 years dry, 1 wet. It had been 4 years since we had any significant rainfall to speak of. The reserve collected rain water for emergencies was nearly gone. The creeks were dry. The river was down. Everyone in the nearby big cities was put to watering their grass only once a week. The landscaping died. The lawns were dry and straw colored. People began to worry about water. The thing about a drought cycle is that when it finally does rain, it has to rain so much and so often that it makes up for 3 whole years of water usage and replenishes what was drawn out during the dry spell. Its not enough to have a little rain here or there. I mean, it has to RAIN. Now, with 4 years of drought instead of 3, im not sure if this rainy year will be enough to sustain life as we know it. Im not sure if these storms will be enough. However, it is raining, like once every other day, so thats a good step in the right direction. I took the opportunity to replenish my emergency stock of rain water. In the event that i needed to drink it i could heat the water to kill any bacteria.

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