If You Build a House on Sand…

Unfortunately this bird chose the wrong location to erect her nest. There is a spot where one gutter opens out onto a metal roof and then another gutter continues beneath it. This bird thought the open mouth of the gutter tube looked like a great place to build a nest. It was sheltered from the wind, too high for the cats to reach, and provided some structural support to keep the little ones from rolling out of the nest. What she didnt know was that she was building her nest in a place that would soon fill with a torrent of water and push anything in its path out of the tube, sending her nest and the babies in it crashing to the ground. I think it is a testament to her twig configuration that neither egg cracked when the nest tumbled from the building to the pavement below. Building ones home in the mouth of a gutter isn’t a good idea, even in Texas. Even Texas gets rain once every three or four years. Unfortunately for this bird, we did get heavy rains this year and her nest is no more. I do think its sad the amount of trash they are collecting to build their nests in the city. At my house they often swipe dryer lint, dog fur, or chicken feathers, but here you see she has used straight up trash to make a nursery for her babies. I feel for her. I wish we had noticed that the object on the ground was a nest sooner than we did. We could have gotten the ladder and tried to put it back up, maybe in a nearby tree. Unfortunately, until i clocked the tiny eggs, we just thought it was a pile of trash and weeds in the parking lot washed together by the recent rain.

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