Salad in a Bag

Recently due to what turned out to be under functioning kidneys, the list of foods i could tolerate without making what presented as gout or creating nausea and migraines was shortening. For whatever reason i became addicted to lettuce with little bits of purple cabbage and carrot in the mix. I would buy the mix and some toppings, toss them together with dressing in a ziploc freezer bag, and then seal and shake it until everything was well coated and distributed. It tasted intoxicating and i looked forward to it all day. I can only assume i was deficient in something contained in lettuce because since getting on a kidney support pill salad has gone back to tasting ordinary. As far as the ziploc bags go, i stand behind the method. There is no 100 percent dressing coverage to be had when lettuce is tossed with wooden utensils in a bowl. It must be shaken in a bag to achieve maximum even distribution of flavor and consistent texture throughout.

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