The Perfect Place for Exercise

When i began doing p90x again i realized i had filled the 384 square foot one room house pretty thoroughly with things that i had to find space for real quick before leaving for work again. I really needed to clear everything out of the shed and shred or throw away or take a lot of it to the dump (old mattress). Then i needed to put all the stuff in the house out in the yard and move what i was keeping of it into the shed that was currently occupied with things that needed to go to the dump. This process might take about a week, but as someone with bills and a mortgage, not working for a week was out of the question. Also, if you teach work that they can find someone to replace you for a week, you are threatening your job security. Either that person is looking for more work, or that person doesnt want all of the hours you’ve had so they shorten the days and thats all thats on caseload when you return. If you want the patients you’ve been seeing, you kind of have to see them consistently. So, for financial and job security reasons, im going to wait until theres a naturally occurring reason to have a short day at work and the homestead will get cleaned and organized whenever it gets cleaned and organized. During the beginning stages of a homestead is not the time to sacrifice good paying hours that could put food on the table and keep the bank at bay.

I came to the conclusion that there was only enough room to lay the exercise mat on the floor in the house if i put the dogs in their crates or outside and when i stretched my arms out to the side i hit the refrigerator. I began looking for places where i could do exercise on the property outside. My eyes turned in the direction of the greenhouse porch. It was the perfect length and width to lay the exercise mat on.

I began trying to make it home early enough to do the evening chores with enough light left to lay the mat out on the greenhouse porch and do my p90x ab workout. Sometimes i made it home in time and was able to do my exercises on the mat in the cool evening air to the sound of chirping birds and crickets while the cottontails moved about the yard at eye level with me and the sun set beautifully behind the trees.

Other times i did not make it back in time. I turned the porch light to the house on which gave me enough light to see by but pulled the insects in the direction of the house. Then i faced my mat so that i could see any coyotes coming from the direction of the woods, kept a cautious eye on the area, and enjoyed a workout under the abundance of twinkling stars to the song of the chuck wills widow, a fat little bird related to the whippoorwill that sits in the grass and chip weedoo weeloos its familiar song over and over again. I use them to gage what level of relaxation i can enjoy because since theyre sitting on the ground they hush right up when they sense a larger animal nearby. You dont have to worry as long as they’re still singing their song.

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