Painting the Greenhouse

Most of the interior of the greenhouse is done with boat paint. It has a rubbery feel to it and any water that gets on the walls or floor will not sink in and rot the wood. Well, the plan was to prime all the particle board looking surfaces, then paint them, and stain the wood beams with water proof stain. I underestimated how long this would take. From sun up to sun down this project took me 3.5 days. I called in to work and asked if i could come saturday instead of monday so i could finish painting before the guy arrived to spray for carpenter ants at 6 pm on monday. Work said yes. I finished painting at 3:30 pm and they sprayed at 6:15 pm. This project was murder on my arthritic joints but it all comes down to how badly you want something. If you want to finish by the deadline you’ll ignore the pain and power through. Several of my perfectionist friends have pointed out that if i used tape on my surfaces the lines would be neater. Yeah, duh. No time. Going for functionality here not elegance. Is it water proof and is it done are the only two questions i have.

Once finished with the priming, painting, and staining i grabbed the toy boxes and flipped them upside down in the grass. I drilled holes in the bottom of each box for drainage and then placed them on top of their upturned lids in the greenhouse so the lids would act as a tray to catch any excess water.

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