Vegan Oreos

They’ve done it! They’ve finally done it! After two decades of anticipation they’ve manufactured gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, corn free oreos, and they are to die for! The cookie is dry and crunchy like a real oreo. The thing can be twisted apart and the cream center can be scraped off with one’s teeth. They are delicious and addictive. I ate the whole box in one sitting the first time i tasted them and it comes with 18 cookies. Now i portion them into ziploc baggies of two each until there are 7 baggies. I eat the remainder and then the baggies are for each day of the week. i still cant believe that i am finally enjoying a version of my beloved oreo that i can eat.

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    1. Yes, lol. The introduction of the ziploc baggie system is critical. When it comes to oreos and sharp canadian cheese, there is no self control. Good thing im allergic to both of them, oh wait…the loophole arrives. :p

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