A Friend’s Fledglings

It is now April and both the nests on my property are empty and untouched. The nests are messy and lopsided and without an egg in sight. I keep thinking, maybe my birdie is just late. She comes every year and nests in those stacked garden boxes. Maybe she’s not migrated back yet. But, i think it’s time to face the likely reality of it. She probably got eaten by a cat or flew into a window or got flattened by a car. Now that i see the fully feathered fledglings in my friends’ yard and garden nests, i know that im not just impatient. She really is late. If something has happened to the little gray bird i will have to wait for other birds to find the nest in the bush behind the house or the nest in the stacked boxes. No little pink alien babies this year. For Easter i took a brief hiatus from a massive homestead project ive been working on from sun up to sun down for four days and i went over to my friend’s homestead one town over. The little ones pictures below are her birdies in her screened in porch garden. They learned to fly while we were all cracking confetti eggs on each other’s heads in the yard.

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  1. We have baby owls and soon bats, but our countryside is too under the onslaught of farmers cutting hedges. I love seeing fledglings and it brings hope. But the weather this year has been cold and maybe that’s having its affect.

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